These guidelines and regulations are set in place to effectively govern PAMM (Pa. Modern Mopar) and affiliated parties. Any disregard or failure to follow set guidelines and rules will result in immediate removal from PAMM

1. Show respect towards all members as well as other enthusiasts. No trash talking, belittling. or disrespecting any person or their car. Be mindful when you coming into contact with others cars, i.e. touching, leaning against, etc.

2. Using the club member database in an attempt to recruit for another club is NOT allowed. If someone contacts you and ask you to join another club, please let us know.

3. We are a family friendly club that does meet outside of Facebook, for that reason we do not allow any person that is listed on the State of Pennsylvania Megan’s law website to be a member.

4. You must reside in the State of Pennsylvania. The only two exceptions is to be a member of an affiliated car club or be approved by a Administrator, we all have busy schedules, families, work, etc. but part of what makes PAMM great is the family dynamic and love for cars we all share. Thus PAMM has events in almost every region of the State. In those regions we ask that members to attend some events during the year. if no one attends the club will disappear in that region, Show support for your regional chapter and make it what you like to do, you do have a say in what your chapter will do.

6. PAMM, unlike most Facebook groups, is an organized car club. Displaying a PAMM decal somewhere on your vehicle is appreciated. Sponsorships, product decals and Facebook group decals are also allowed. We just ask if you’re going to display a competing car club decal that you display ours also, that’s only fair and otherwise why be a member of PAMM. Be mindful that displaying the PAMM decal you represent PAMM and please always act in a dignified manner.

7. Members are asked to obey all traffic laws, this is especially important in a car show or cruise in environment, do not endanger lives of innocent people.

8. If you have a concern about the club dynamics please message an your chapter manager and they will make a decision or present your concerns to the rand a decision or opinion will be given. Do NOT post major concerns on Facebook or in a group chat without first having talked to an Manager and received an answer. Often times an issue may be resolved before people even hear there is a potential issue, or it may not even effect most of PAMMs members. If for any reason your concern can not be resolved, please do not undermine the club by spreading your dislike or concerns of the club, instead simply look for another club. Even as great as some of us believe that PAMM is the greatest club everr, we know others may not feel that wah

9. Almost all club information is posted either on the Facebook group page or here on the club’s website. If you have a question about an event, please message the event organizer/officer directly. This will avoid unnecessary clutter on the page so all of the information is readily available.

10. Jobs: This is the most important portion of PAMM membership responsibilities and is the lifeblood that keeps PAMM moving forward in planning, promoting, and managing PAMM. Every member is encouraged and eligible to hold a job position, even if temporary.


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