Motorama 2018

Feburary 17th & 18th

Motorama 2018…..We are looking for PAMM members to show their modified vehicle on Februaury 17th & 18th in Harrisbur’s Farm Show Building main arena, There is nothing like having your vehicle under the lights of a indoor car show, You will need 3 modification and submit your vehicle ASAP, Last year we had 4 members vehicles there and took home 3 trophies, PAMM will have a booth there for us to hang out in and advertise PAMM at the same time, The hard part is you need to bring your vehicle on Friday the 16th and leave it there until Sunday Evening, to me its worth the hassle, you have 3 days to hand out at the largest indoor Motorsport Event in the country, Lets WOW the crowds with Mopar Power, Links below Register NOW

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                                             Pa Modern Mopar                                                                     Your local premier car club, 2 time consecutive car club winner at the Carlisle Chrysler Nationals, 1 of only 2 car clubs in the country to host the Dodge Demon release party, 1 of only 2 car clubs in the country to host the Dodge Block Party Car Show, 1900 Members strong, 165 club events in 2017, Whether you keep your Mopar  in stock condition or as a racer or as a full blown custom, you will find a event that suites your interest with Pa Modern Mopar.

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