There are basically 2 types of Sponsorships. The first is a partial sponsorship, which means the company will sell you their product at a deep discount, normally about 50% off, which is great if you’re on a budget and you really want their product. The company will not ask much more than you offering their business card at car shows. The next type is a full sponsorship, this is where they give the product to you and of course they want more in return, if the company supplies you with a $2000 in parts they are probably hoping to get 10 – 15k in profits from exposure they gain at car shows, Facebook post, Magazines and perhaps they will want you to show your car in their exhibit. Normally a sponsorship contract is for 1 year after that the product is yours.
The first thing is to create a digital car portfolio, this will show pictures, list of all modifications, future modifications and any past car builds you may have done. Include a list of all car shows you have recently been to and any awards that you won and then list all the car shows or events that you plan on attending and marketing their product. The bigger the events the better and you should list no less than 20 per year, the more the merrier. Then you should list any car clubs and associations you belong to. Your You Tube channel, how many friends you have on Facebook, for some companies this is a big thing they like to see friends in the thousands, they want to know when you post a picture you will be seen. Start using hashtags in your post. The #1 thing that will get you full sponsorships is being in a magazine; most national companies almost expect it, so start sending pictures to as many magazines as possible.
We list a few companies we know are looking for sponsorships, but if you’re looking for a sponsorship for example car wax’s you want to contact ALL car care product companies.
When talking with potential sponsors, be prepared to talk business. They won’t just give away items for no reason. Remember to keep it professional. Phone call or email? You can really do either. If you call the company, ask the operator for someone in marketing/advertising that deals with the sponsorships of national level show or race vehicles. They almost always know of someone to connect you with. Even if you talk to someone they will ask you to email them your car portfolio. If you decide to send an email instead, some performance part companies have a sponsorship inquiry email within the contact section of their corporate website. If there is no email strictly for sponsorship’s, simply send the company an email about the matter via their general inquiry email or once again someone that is listed working in marketing.
Remember: don’t get discouraged if a company says no. There are many quality performance part companies out there that make products for your vehicle. Just because one company turns you down does not mean the next will do the same. Research the companies, shop around and network as much as possible.

Sponsors 3/16/17

Black flame customs.com
HID lighting, LED Lighting
email on their website

Performance parts
Phone 855-776-6885

American Car Craft.com
Under hood Goodies

AZ Auto Graphics.com
Auto graphics

Vivid Illumination & Performance
Exterior lighting

Car stereo speakers

concept one wheels usa . com

Vertical doors . com
Lambo doors.
Email on website

Alsa paint . com
Chrome and Exotic paint

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